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usee se dadeliry,up, d reval yold t. en bnds mpet u . but tt pri war usethangi weend,,atleep.eval en suny,d t. >> just hours after people giving thanks counccountless to
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even buy more. catherine heenan shows us who took part in this frenzy and the experience could have been more chaos. >> to be fair most black for the shoppers looked like this at macy's in new york city. happy looking shoppers walked in and managed to avoid them. it did to get crowded with 11,000 people had been in a line when the flagship opened at midnight. up from 9000, last year. much of the f frenzy had been because of the thanksgiving opening evening but there was this drama victoria secrets some of them pushing and shoving. the manager was pleading for them that issue was not going to open until they simmered down. >> at another store there
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were much more excited with $2 waffle irons. the employees referred to this as a waffle right. but in a lot of cases it was not funny this fight broke out in michigan. with even pepper spray used and police had to take away to people in handcuffs. this man in massachusetts who came out of a kmart to find the windows smashed and the toddler thought he was supposed to be watching was gone. because police got a report of a child left alone and they got the board out of the car. no charges were filed but even with online shopping available to not expect scenes like this to go away anytime soon. 150 million shoppers, nation wide are expected to be out this holiday season a lot of them getting an early start with $52 billion and it is
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expected to be even higher this weekend. catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> let is go back live to union square. charles, are those shoppers still going strong? >> yes. there are still thousands of people in union square is always busy but is always busy and it will stay like this for the rest of the holiday season. this is a live look at the corner of powell. and i spoke to a couple of people they are all looking for black friday bargains. some people of what they found. >> i just like to cover apostle and the bustle. i did get a pair of jeans and a sub makeup i got some items from american eagle. underwear, sweaters and a
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hat. >> today i bought is water from mall. the allied jewelry, we got some cops is seems like every place had amazing deals. and as we were out there it was like 40% off. >> i got a sweater from the gap add some boots from nordstrom's and some items for my father for christmas. >> let us take a look at this tree. there are still thousands of people out here taking in this nice night out. and the scenery. that is the latest in downtown san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4 >> there are even free parking available for these oakland and alameda with free parking with certain restrictions on saturdays. between now and the end of the year and oakland these shopping districts are lull you to park at a meter with
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of the posting time within the 30 minutes. one hour, two hours and also part in this city don't garage and also in alameda, the same place. city owed -- garage, with webster, the two big shopping districts. they are advising people to leave that spot after two or so people can also enjoy this holiday shopping park. grant, kron 4. >> this beautiful friday evening in the san francisco there is that christmas tree at union square. glowing under clear skies and temperatures are in the 50s. san francisco, 59 degrees is a mild night also mountain view, fremont. but it is starting to get cooler. walnut creek and petaluma and the coldest places will drop into the upper 30's. that will be in the north bay valleys. for tonight
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clear skies and patchy fog developing the north bay towards sunrise. the visibility will drop to some areas lower but sunshine. highs in the '60s and '70s and other nice day like today. even a few degrees cooler with some extra clouds and tabs will be a few degrees cooler the satellite showing mostly clear conditions over northern california there are clouds to the north as part of this storm system impacting the civic northwest. heavy rain at this cloud coverage will begin to press across the bay area on sunday. but we could see a decent about of sunshine and a great holiday weekend. morning temperatures will be in the 30's in the north bay. and the east bay valleys, 40's and 50's by the bay. highs for the afternoon san jose
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will seek nearly 70 degrees and upper 60s towards concord, danville, livermore. mid-60s along the bay and san francisco will be another nice day. 67 degrees in san rafael. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay increasing clouds on tuesday as we do have a change in the weather pattern arriving with rainy weather on wednesday, thursday and friday >> coming up the forty- niners quarterback situation what horrible is saying about it. will it change the n f l? and the warriors are playing in denver.
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starting at just $9.99. sizzler. >> cyber monday is almost hear the biggest on-line
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shopping day of the year. thi year, cyber monday will set new sales records. they're offering big discounts to lure you to shop from your computer this monday. pretty much every major online retailer will offer free shipping and handling. you can count on that. some of the best deals i've found for cyber monday was walmart. a septre tv $ 250 and also a 32 in. at $180. they're offering the ipad 2 at $380, that is $20 off and the x box 360. the family fun bundle at $159! and also electronics ebay is offering a wifi samsung 16.1 mega pixel digital camera. $150, that is down from $200/ kmart is also slashing their prices of
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diamond earrings by 75% to all of the pre-lit christmas trees will be one-half off with a 50-inch rca television and a 39 in. lcd at $300. and a 15 in. asus at $300. and also, this treadmill is under $100. it is only $90. kohls will give a $15-gift card is for every $50 spent on site to spend at kohls... there is even an official twitter app at cyber monday you can follow that on twitter. keeping you informed good luck on your shopping.
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>> as shoppers were lining up, some of the wal-mart protesters redlining up to get a decent wage. and a elizabeth smart is going to release a memoir why she is going to wait but release a memoir of her story. >> your weekend forecast, coming up.
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deadly freeway crash in palo alto. one woman killed her sister in critical condition this is video. earlier, from sky 7 high- definition over how we 1 0 1. investigators say this family in an s u v hit a police car that workers pulled over. >> to women are behind bars accused of breaking into a car at the gallery and stealing in ipad. the victim tracked down the device and when officers want to address the women they tried to flee. a chase and sued one woman is still on the lives. >> still, some no word on who is the starting quarterback is going to be. kaepernick, the backup quarterback had a great last weekend said they gained. espn is predicting that kaepernick could be the
8:31 pm
starter. alex smith still, was out from a concussion. >> there has been a rash of six home burglaries, north of highway no. 4. this is near the ambrose recreation center and two of them on november 11th on wheldon street. there were two more the next day, november 12th and the next odd manner drive. on november 14th, on a clear lead driver and another on clear land on november 21st. tracking kron, grant lodes, kron 4 >> , is people getting an early start to holiday shopping with blac get their gas without even leaving their homes. the convenient, of internet shopping getting there-cap gift- >> online vs brick and mortar the battle for your holiday dollar has never
8:32 pm
been so intense. for years, internet merchants like amazon had a key advantage in california with no sales tax. local bookstores under big pressure with the rapid rise of the books and chains with particularly squeezed. michael tucker owns a chain of bookstores in san francisco. >> if you could save, what would you not? with the tax advantage disappeared with seven of 10% adding that and also estimated other states in pennsylvania, texas adding taxes. and >> here in california got amazon is building to giant warehouses. including this one near los angeles is a 1 million the square feet facility. retailers it is another reason to worry the mccoll is to get customers items fast with even the same day
8:33 pm
delivery, that is the -- gold. when you could even have it delivered in a matter of hours, that is the goal. >> difficult for local retailers. >> if amazon creates distribution centers, that is going to be difficult for bird and mortar. >> that means that retailers will need to up their game. >> they need to take a lesson from amazon. and focus on the consumer's risks. to become more sophisticated online and offline. >> for those the want a lesson on how to thrive will take a lesson from san francisco's book owner. >> nearly every day, we get great information. >> his stores are thriving. >> everybody will get great
8:34 pm
numbers but we have great track record with working with the public. we determined this staff. >> a basic reminder of internet and otherwise that a good customer service can be the deciding factor on winning over business. dan simon, a san francisco. >> shoppers rushed and across the country but wal- mart workers walked off. management retaliates, and the workers there tried to organize are becoming intimidated by management. >> protesters were out early demanding higher wages, cheaper benefits and better treatment. police and a store security were keeping this civil and there were sympathetic to the protesters and others said that walking off the job is not what they think is the best way to get what you want.
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>> we are hearing from the family that lost loved ones and a deadly things giving pileup on interstate and texas. >> the people are loving people and all of you that new with them and knew that and they will be sorely missed. >> this was the first thanksgiving they had ever been apart. there are going to mississippi for a small vacation. >> this gas leak causing an explosion that rocked sprinkles, massachusetts. this was caught on camera take a look at this video, in the spring-like massachusetts it leveled a bar. and no one was in the club but 16 people were sent to the hospital of non- life threatening injuries but it was so strong that it broke windows as three blocks away! one person describes. >> i jumped! i could feel the car recants move and the windows shaking automatically i knew where it came from it was from this part of the city.
8:36 pm
>> the streets impacted by this explosion were shot down an emergency crews worked to evacuate from people the source of that gas leak is not clear. >> ten eres, st. martin's press has 10-years, there purchase the rights, the book will not to speak a story of her captivity but how she turned her experience into a cause for child advocacy. she was waiting for the conviction of a kidnapper before collaborating on her story. >> this drug making company in india is recalling dozens of its generic version of the cholesterol, legator. some could contain tiny particles of glass of -- lipitor.. u.s. regulators for banning imports from this company all of them
8:37 pm
saying that it is called rambazie is under increased scrutiny because of quality problems at its factory. monday bull market for weeks incensed superstore sandy slammed into sections. monday--will mark but all of this mess left behind will be hazardous to their host. m on this it could be hazardous-test to their health. >> lurking into the danger is exposure to toxins, mold, dust and in some places sewage. long beach home owner will only enter this wearing a protective suit and mask as he cleared out items that were submerged. >> are you concerned about mold? >> but at this time i do not have made any time for it i've got to get this done so i need to protect myself.
8:38 pm
>> he does not get time others have been showing up with federal disaster assistance teams. >> you have been through a federal disaster areas. >> besides a psychological treatment they come in complaining of coughs, bronchitis, asthma since this base was set up on november 15th. >> we've been treating 70-80 patients per day. >> per day? >> yes, per day. >> the majority or pulmonary problems? >> yes, and heart problems. >> the commander is stressing that it is not clear, nice dresses is with chronic conditions is worsened with -- chronic conditions with people and also with their medication. those are in the hand of the long beach medical center that is been temporary taking over this makeshift parking lot. in this
8:39 pm
hospital is still closed because of the storm. the doctor is head of the e our department and it is concerning. palate is kind of like 911. we will have to just kind of weight-- >> reporting will long beach, n.y.. >> modeled on this friday evening, temperatures in the 50s and even san francisco nearly 60 degrees. 56 in san jose with 50s to the east bay. antioch. although ouwe are seeing some cooler places with 40's this live view from mt. tam. that is the streets of the cortines staight of the carquines.. midnight tonight, clear and it will be getting cold in some areas the north bay,
8:40 pm
the east bay and 30's. most of sunny skies and some ground fog. however, plenty of sunshine for the late morning and early afternoon and warmer temperatures. 60s and 70's for sunday. not quite as warm with temperatures 3-five degrees. still, dry weather persisting the case monday, tuesday with mostly sunny skies. stormtracker is moving back on wednesday. we even could see heavy rainfall. and a another storm on thursday and friday with more storms. coming up just a few minutes.
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>> no, aide update of the
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markets, the first above 13,000 for the dow jones since the election. the s&p five letter was also racking up its busi biggest gain and also the nasdaq. over 2009. >> the company that created blackberry saw an 11% jump at the start of trading after a boost from analysts. shares of stocks have been up for the last two months. gaining 59% just since the month of september but that is with anticipation of the blackberry 10 with its long awaited debut at the end of january. , federal express said the next month should be the busiest in the company's history. ito predicted online shopping and the holiday packaging will beire too watered 80 million shipments through the company-280 million --
8:44 pm
with 20,000 extra seasonal workers to make the deliveries. >> coming up, the latest on the skalex smith and kaepernick and also, the warriors taking on the denver nuggets. thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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>> we have had decent conditions for peace last couple of days for the holiday weekend. saturday, sunday are also looking decent at the san mateo bridge clear conditions not only in the sky but the purchase also looking good. temperatures are nice and mild in the upper 50s. alameda, 58 degrees. albany it is cooler in fairfield
8:47 pm
and parts of the north bay. 45 degrees in the sierras a beautiful weekend with warmer temperatures. highs in the 50s saturday and sunday with mostly sunny skies and cooler in the morning. low mid 20s and temperatures in the bay area are warm for tomorrow similar to what we had it today. the map is showing that the green with numbers in the 60s in the yellow is it 70's for the north bay. the east bay valleys and as well as the sultry and in south san jose. the all but dead valley, 70's in santa clara, sunnyvale, milpitas. highs in the mid upper 60s and inland, livermore and it will be sunny for the entire rest of the bay area with patches of a fog. mid-60s, cemetery will be in the mid- 60s with nearly 70 degrees
8:48 pm
67 degrees in san francisco. some areas in the north bay sunday looks nice a little bit more cloud coverage bhutan's down slightly. monday with the increasing clouds of late tuesday with a weather system approaching. big changes mid-week. rainfall possibly heavy at times and a second system on its heels for thursday and friday. wet weather for the end of next week. >> the warriors are in denver tonight looking for their fifth victory in six games. carl with a warrior's former head coach had a great second half. 16 points, had an injury to his eye. and on trade, delays in it and add the fall but it
8:49 pm
looked like a phantom tall, 15-0 for the nuggets to start the second half. the of warriors, the mile high defense broke down the final one of 2-91, the nuggets. there hosting tomorrow. and cal almost tipping off on the direct tv classic and randy bennett also planning in the same tournament. brad missing but staying with it for the tap. at second to one-half, pacific pulls away lorenzo drives down the lane and has the free throw 18 points. the gaels suffer their first loss of the season final 76- 66. stanford has another pre-season beating iowa. 66- 50. and the same official word but it looks like
8:50 pm
:kaepernick could be support starting instead of alex smith. he has not been cleared to play but that would come tomorrow according to coach, jim harbaugh the niners are not in any hurry in fact, that fact alone saying that kaepernick could be in line for the second straight start coach, why not just say it? >> we feel like they're still competitive with advantage for us to release that information. this is not something that is an advantage for us to talk about. it is unorthodox. you can call me names if you want, or make sport out of me. but that is how we are quick to go about it. >> i cannot think that anybody is calling him names even if there is a 1 percent chance it is worth it and also denies the report that
8:51 pm
the said that he would be the backup to kaepernick calling it simply not factual.time, they are going to do without him for the third time he was having a pretty decent year when he suffered the injury earlier against tampa bay. mcfadden, is also out when his backup is out with reese could have a big game. if you do play fantasy football, race could be your man. >> this >> rule on alliance game yesterday to giving the n f l credit, houston running back was tackled on the 26 yd line but there was no whistle. young players, take note, he kept running for and 81 yd touchdown. normally, the review all of these plays but the lions
8:52 pm
coach challenged at first by throwing a red flag. and it is unsportsmanlike penalty and shockingly, the indicated that so that touched on stood. but the bottom line is that it is a difficult role it could of cost and the game in. the polls discuss with the to change it in the next couple of days. >> stanford, we are looking at the kick to the growing he could be fined and even suspended but it is not clear weather or not this was intentional. he will not be provided much slack he has been voted the dirtiest player in the n f l. for two years in a row. >> stanford tomorrow to read by the cardinals, with a pac-10 championship and you are looking at an aerial shot of l s u at arkansas. it's the play of the day goes for the great one ketch, jarvis landry of el
8:53 pm
as you ought to control the ball and just one hand. seventh ranked lsu beats arkansas, 20-13. meanwhile, the national hockey league lockout is alarming and it is looming large. teetering on the brake. a nobler wipe out with the third cancelled including the all star game which was slated for january 27th in columbus ohio. both sides are fighting on how to fight to split $3 billion in revenue. this is the third time an all-star game has been cancelled. also, this bay area boxer could be in line for a big pay out, coming up
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area boxing has never been stronger. the ghost had his way in. one 46.8, his competitor, this fight will be in ontario, calif. the winner could be a fight against floyd the weather. if you have a question? e- mail ask carr ve
8:57 pm >> decent weather, and '60s and '70s. the rain is good to be holding off >> have a lovely night and a good weekend will be back at 11:00 p.m., see you then.
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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